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We're a local computer support business from Wigton, Cumbria, set up with the much neglected home user in mind. Our focus is local firms, small business, farms, home users and schools as a priority. Offering a range of services from basic maintenence to sales advice, acp-computing can solve any of your computer problems.


Ensuring what you are buying is extremely important, we can offer you advice making sure the product you are buying is 100% right for your needs, helping you get the most out of your money.


We offer installation services from networks to new computer builds. Making sure correct installation is carried out on your computers and equipment is vital to getting the most out of it.


Once you're up and running, getting the right support is essential to making it work to its full potential, with acp-computing able to offer you in person and remote support to suit your needs.


Started in 2009, near Wigton in Cumbria, our focus is on local business and organisations, helping the smaller firm or home user getting the support you want.

Offering on site repairs and support, acp-computing will come to you, making your life easier.

Customer service is crucial to us with high communication and reliability standards.

Services we provide range from repairs to web design and part upgrades to health checks.


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Hardware problems? We offer repairs on desktops and laptops, including data recovery and transfer if needed.
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Home Visits

Bringing the support to you makes your problems less hassle, whether is be at home, your business or organisation.
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Web Design

We offer website services through a web designer under the name STUDEV, from full developments to site maintenence.
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Moved into a new house or just want a faster network, we can offer networking solutions from homes to small businesses.
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We can help you connect your broadband to your network whether it be a cable, satellite or phone line service.
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Being safe online is now one of the most important factors with computers, ensuring your security when online.
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Looking to make your computer faster or just want a small change, we can offer upgrades to suit exactly what you want.
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Handheld Devices

Handheld devices are becoming more popular every day, offering advice and support keep up with this ever changing technology.
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Health Checks

Keeping your computer clean is vital to its well running. Virus and spyware removal helps keep your computer clean and fast.
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CCTV Installation

Installation and configuration of security camera systems, including both wired and wireless setups.
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Milking Parlour Software

We regularly deal business with local farms including the installation and support for milking parlour software.
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Hard Disk Recovery

Hark disk failure can be a nightmare for anyone, luckily we offer hard disk recovery to help retrieve lost data.



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